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Bamboo Straw Girl
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Description: Reusable cutlery is wonderful as a lightweight and easy zero-waste addition to your handbag or everyday kit. Choose from cutlery box sets or wrap sets according to your everyday usage. Cutlery box sets are neatly closed in a box partially made of agricultural wheat byproducts and the cutlery is made with beechwood handles and 304 stainless steel attachments. Wrap sets are packaged in a batik wrap made from fabric offcuts and dead-stock fabric by independent seamstresses in the villages where we produce our bamboo straws, providing them an additional stream of income and diverting fabric offcuts from the waste stream. All reusables are good reusables, we hope that this set accompanies you for years to come.

Material: Various wood / bamboo, 100% upcycled fabric

Care: Easy-care. Wooden cutlery can be washed as you would any other type of cutlery - with soap and water. Do not use dish-washers due to the nature of the material. Pouch can be hand-washed. Thin fabric makes it quick-drying. Dimensions: 23 cm x 6 cm