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Eco Pesticide 500ml

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Description: Eco Pesticide is an organic pesticide to effectively repel or eradicates all types of insects like whitefly, mealy bug, mites, jassid thrips, aphids, armyworms, caterpillar, borer, larvae, paddy larvae and other similar sucking pests. 

It also acts as a nutrient to plants and is environment friendly with zero residue in crop and final harvest. 

Material: Made from a powerful combination of various plants and seeds extracts. 

The plant extracts in this Eco Pesticide provides various useful alkaloids which increases plants SAR (Systemic Acquired Resistance).

Eco Pesticide is suitable for all stages from nursery to harvesting. It can be sprayed on the soil at Soil Preparation Stage to control soil insects. Conventional pesticides have harmful effects on human health and Eco Pesticide designed to substitute harmful chemical pesticides.